The silver and gold rate per ounce will help you retire happily

posted on 22 Oct 2013 08:34 by base43silvergold

Buying gold this

year may possibly become 1 of the smartest decision

you do make this year. The global depression and GFC has caused loads of firms and

lives to explode. Todays stock markets have been

completely over the place, and the craziness of the currency markets is causing havoc all round the globe.

Long lasting investing methods in gold, silver, platinum and palladium are a smart way to plan for retirement. Just take alook at what your dollar is now worth.

Today check out how gold has really performed in the last few decades.

When the gold standard was taken down in the seventies, precious metals would've been a proven performer an in fact has beat all

other investor sectors including the stockmarket, property, and the currency sectors. The live gold value always is out performing

most of the popular investment methods.

Purchasing gold is a great method for your future

retirement, however there are a few factors

you do require to understand about the current gold rate

and why you may actually loose your investment even though the gold value increases.

When you buy from precious metals brokers, there could be further fees and charges that greatly increase the cost of acquiruing gold.

The gold price at that moment isn't a great prediction of the entire costs.


all, you're not David Einhorn who has amazing

ways to make a decision and then acquire

thousands of $$$ worth of gold.

Let us look at an a thearetical example. You've completed all your research and have decided you'd like to buy a

carrat of gold at

the actual value - ley us say right now it is at $1750.00.

It all looked great then you

approach a

precious metal brokers such as the US mint as they are creditable and prove. As you place your

order for your own ounce of gold however, quickly you realise you will

not have enough cash. Precious

metals are usually valued as gold price per ounce. This as a result of the extra charges and fees. They do afterall have a business to


There's other methods to purchase

gold in lesser quantities and you do not need

to incur higher fees. Organisations just like Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, and Suisse PAMP make is much easier to

purchase precious metals in much smaller amounts ensuring

you do not need to purchase gold bullion.

Along with these charges, the price of the American eagle bullion, and

precious metal pennies can be reduced in value due to damage in transport and and when in

storage. It's usually a great idea to investigate your chosen gold broker prior to going into any

contract, and investigate other dealings with the gold broker in question. More info here: price of gold today